Which Michigan Schools Offer a Doctoral Degree in Psychology?

by Jen Saunders, Demand Media
There are several Michigan-based schools that offer a doctorate in psychology.

There are several Michigan-based schools that offer a doctorate in psychology.

If you want to get a doctorate in psychology while staying within the Great Lakes state of Michigan, you have several options available to you. There are a number of state, public and private Michigan-based colleges and universities with exceptional psychology programs that grant the Ph.D. degree. By learning about some of these schools, you can better determine which deserve further research, as one of them is surely bound to meet your academic needs.

University of Michigan

Located in Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan offers an interdisciplinary doctoral degree offered through the education and psychology departments. The degree program emphasizes a psychological approach to studying issues relevant to education with the goal to make improvements and discoveries in the industry. Doctoral students benefit from the community approach in which they work side-by-side with faculty in research projects that strive to unveil helpful findings in learning, development and motivation in the context of school and family communities.

Michigan State Univeristy

If you attend Michigan State University in Lansing, you can earn a doctorate in psychology through a special department that prides itself on diversity. The foundations of the clinical psychology graduate grogram is dedicated to analyze and advocate mental health in diverse societies. The university's faculty has a broad range of clinical and research interests that stem from multiple areas of diversity that include international diversity, gender studies, cultural, ethnic and racial diversity, social class, sexual orientation and a number of disability challenges. If students hope to work as clinical psychologists and specialize in treating patients with diversity issues, Michigan State University would be an excellent school to attend for doctorate work.

Central Michigan University

Aspiring psychologists can enroll in Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant and earn a Ph.D. in psychology. The department offers four distinct programs: clinical psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, interdisciplinary neuroscience and school psychology. Experimental psychology is also offered, but since 2013 the highest degree one can earn in this field is the Master Science. Central Michigan University's psychology department offers a broad subject platform that caters to most student's desired areas of specialty and is therefore a popular option for Michigan residents.

Andrews University

Andrews University is a private school run by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Berrien Springs. The university's Department of Education offers a Ph.D. in counseling psychology that prepares students to practice psychology in schools, colleges, churches, agencies, hospitals, industries, businesses and private settings. Students also receive specialized training to be able to practice psychology on an international scale. Students entering the Ph.D. program are required to have a master’s degree in psychology or counseling unless the applicant has an outstanding academic record with an undergraduate major in psychology and a satisfactory GPA.

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