List of Universities in Turkey

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There are many great universities in Turkey for both students looking to study abroad and Turkish students seeking a good four-year education. There are a total of 146 universities and academies in the country. The majority of these are state universities, which include institutes for technology, fine arts, technical studies and the military. All the major schools use English as their main language of instruction and offer many modern conveniences.

Middle East Technical University

For technical studies, this public university is highly regarded as a top school in the country with strengths in engineering and the sciences. The classes are taught in English and it maintains the largest library of all the public universities in Turkey. There are a total of 40 undergraduate programs in five faculties with 400 academic instructors providing an education to about 23,000 students. Middle East Technical University 06531 Ankara, Turkey 011 (+90) 312 210 20 00 (Substitute “00” for “011” when calling outside the U.S. and Canada.)

Bogazici University

Founded in 1971, this public university is located on the European side of Istanbul and is considered one of the most prominent educational institutes in Turkey. It is popular in social sciences, engineering and natural sciences. It has a large library, a computer center and a number of new modern dorms for students wanting to live on campus. Bogazici University 34342 Bebek, Istanbul 011 (+90) 212 359 54 00 (Substitute “00” for “011” when calling outside the U.S. and Canada.)

Bilkent University

As the first private university of Turkey, Bilkent is the now the highest ranked university of Turkey. Its 5,000-acre campus has nine faculties and more than 30 undergraduate and graduate departments for its 12,000 students. It is especially popular with computer engineering, electrical and electronics engineering and industrial engineering departments. It maintains Turkey’s first and only academic symphony orchestra as well as the largest university library in the country. Bilkent University 06800 Bilkent, Ankara Turkey 011 (+90) 312 290 40 00 (Substitute “00” for “011” when calling outside the U.S. and Canada.)

Istanbul Technical University

Established in 1773, this technical university is strongly identified with architectural and engineering education. Its School of Civil Engineering teaches essentials skills needed in planning and implementing the country's new infrastructure projects. Its graduates have been major contributors in the planning and construction of Turkey's roads, bridges, dams, factories, buildings, energy plants, communication networks, villages and cities. The school has five campuses that include modern dorms, social centers and sports facilities. Istanbul Technical University Ayazaga Campus 34469 Maslak / ?stanbul 011 (+90) 212 285 34 00 (Substitute “00” for “011” when calling outside the U.S. and Canada.)

Hacettepe University

This university is largely focused on the medical sciences but includes a full range of academic programs. Its facilities include a children's hospital, a nursing school, a school of medical technology and a school of physical therapy and rehabilitation. Its 28,000 students enjoy the use of a biomedical library, student dormitories and sports recreation centers. Hacettepe Üniversitesi Tan?t?m Ofisi 06532 Beytepe Ankara, Turkey 011 (+90) 312 305 50 50 (Substitute “00” for “011” when calling outside the U.S. and Canada.)

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