How to Find the Least Positive Integer

By Bon Crowder

When finding the least positive integer, you're going to have to use what is called the ceiling function. Find the least positive integer with help from an experienced math professional in this free video clip.


How to find the least positive integer. I'm Bon Crowder with, and we're going to talk about the least positive integer or the least positive integer above a certain number. So normally the least positive integer of all the numbers is the number 1 but when you talk about least positive integer, often times you are talking about the special function called the ceiling function. It asks for the least positive integer bigger than a given number. So let's look at for this function, F of 1.5. Some numbers that are bigger than 1.5 are 7, 85, 492 but the number that's bigger than 1.5 but that is the smallest of all numbers bigger than 1.5 is 2. So that's the least positive integer bigger than 1.5 and we can do this for any number. We can do this for 3.7896437. The least positive integer bigger than this number is 4. And that's how you find the least positive integer bigger than a given number. I'm Bon Crowder with Enjoy it.

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