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One of the best ways to ensure that you get a passing score on the General Educational Development (GED) exam is to be well prepared. Depending on your preference, you can use any number of learning materials to help you review the five content areas covered on the exam: mathematics; language arts, reading; language arts, writing; science; and social studies. Taking the time to prepare well will help you reach your goal of obtaining a GED certificate.


Whether you’re looking to buy GED prep books or check some out from the library, you will find plenty to choose from. Some of the books cover several subjects, while others go in depth on just one area. For example, “McGraw-Hill's Pre-GED: The Most Comprehensive Review of the Skills Necessary for GED Study” covers all the content areas that you will find on the exam. On the other hand, “Barron’s GED Writing Workbook” by Katherine S. Hogan focuses on helping you develop the proper essay writing skills you will need to get a good score on the language arts writing section. Steck-Vaughn has subject-focused books in each category, such as “GED Social Studies” and “GED Mathematics.”


Get back in the classroom to refresh your brain or expand your knowledge base. Many community colleges offer GED preparation classes and provide learning materials. If you go to a community college near you and inquire about these classes, you'll be directed to the current class schedule. If the community college does not offer classes, someone will usually point you in the right direction. The GED Testing Service website can help you find a hands-on learning center in your area. Type in your ZIP code to learn what your local options are. Another option is to contact the National Institute for Literacy to find an adult learning program that can help you prepare for the exam.

Practice Tests

Learning by doing can help some people prepare for the exam. To test your knowledge and the effectiveness of your GED exam preparation, try taking a practice test or two. Doing a practice test run-through before taking the exam can save time and money. It will also get you into test-taking mode and may even lower your test anxiety if you’re familiar with the procedure. If your score is not where you want it to be, just keep studying. Practice tests are provided in some GED prep books; you also can buy an official GED practice test.

Online Questions and Classes

Regardless of what method you choose to study, you can test your knowledge by completing practice questions online. Several websites also offer full GED prep courses complete with learning materials. However, contrary to some information on some websites, you can’t take the actual GED exam online. Only official proctored testing centers administer the real exam so you can receive an official GED certificate.

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