How to Learn Fashion Design at Home

by Christol Weber

Few careers are as glamorized as those in the field of fashion design. Top-name designers such as Versace, Gucci and Prada have not only become household names, celebrities wear their clothing and movies have been written around them. But this business of fashion design does not appear out of nowhere, and it is a diligent student who makes a name for him- or herself in the fashion world. When you choose to learn fashion design at home, deciding on how to educate yourself is largely a question of how far you want to take that education.

Take basic instruction courses online. This option is good for someone who is curious about fashion design and wants to get his or her feet wet. Sites such as eTelestia can help you learn the basics of fashion design and clothing creation, from sewing blouses to making your own patterns. You can also learn sewing basics from sites such as

Learn to draw. A very important aspect of bringing your creations to life is to sketch them on paper. A number of online sources offer instruction in basic art and drawing for free, but drawing instruction books are also available at the library or local bookstore.

Enroll in an accredited online degree, diploma or certificate program. Penn Foster, a nationally accredited school, offers a career diploma in dressmaking and design; it is relatively inexpensive and offers tuition payment plans. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh online division, also nationally accredited, offers a bachelor of science in fashion and retail management for those interested in the business side of fashion design. Other online options include the Fashion Institute of Technology and Academy of Art University, both regionally accredited.

Purchase fashion magazines. Exposing yourself to different trends and styles enables you to train your sense of fashion "dos" and "don'ts."

Things You Will Need

  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • GED or high school diploma (for credit-seeking students)
  • Art pencils and paper
  • Fashion magazines


  • Consider checking out your local community colleges to see whether they offer online classes in areas related to fashion design, such as drawing. Tuition costs for community college courses are generally lower than those offered by most regionally accredited online colleges.


  • Check the accreditation of any school you choose to enroll in. (see resources)

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