The instant nature of text messages makes it easy to expect immediate responses. Because people may not always be available to respond quickly to a text message, a wise sender practices patience while waiting for a response. This is especially important in a relationship. Use care as you handle a guy who ignores your texts. He may have a variety of different reasons for not responding.

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Resist the urge to text him again if he does not respond the first time. Since you do not know why he did not respond, texting again can seem pushy and obnoxious.

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Assume that he can’t respond because of circumstances. He may need privacy or there may be reasons he cannot respond. If he’s working, at school, sleeping or his phone battery is dying, he probably will not be able to respond.

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Avoid the subject of the text messages. Do not mention waiting for him to respond or make it seem like you were waiting and worrying about a lack of reply. This may make you appear needy and clingy, which can be a big turn-off for some guys.

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Stop texting him if he continues to ignore you. It may be a sign that he’s not sure about a relationship, he may need a little space or he might just not like texting. Respond to his texts, if you wish, but do not initiate.