Manifesting money in your life can come about through various means. Some people use white magic, or constructive, positive magic, to attract money. Money magic is not about greed or get-rich-quick schemes. It is about manifesting prosperity in your life and focusing on the financial well-being of yourself and your loved ones. Whether you need a specific or undefined amount of money to make your life more financially secure, you can perform money spells to assist in your financial endeavors.

Spell for a Specific Amount of Money


Inscribe your name on a green candle using a knife or toothpick.


Inscribe the exact amount of money you wish to attract on the same candle using a knife or a toothpick.


Anoint, or dab, your candle with vegetable oil.


Sprinkle powdered basil on a table and roll the candle back and forth in it. Basil is an herb connected to money and prosperity.


Place your candle in a candle holder and light it using a match. As you light it, say the following: “Money come and money grow. Money's mine; to me it flows!”


Let your candle burn.

Spell for Money in General


Pour a pint of mineral oil into a clear, empty quart container.


Place seven lodestones into the quart container.


Sprinkle a pinch or two of iron fillings into the quart container. You can obtain iron fillings at a local hardware store.


Place your quart container on a windowsill where it can catch the light of the rising sun each day.


Leave the quart container in the sun for seven consecutive days.


Remove the container from the windowsill and pour your oil from the quart container into two or three smaller bottles made of dark glass. Seal the bottles with their lids.


Store the sealed glass bottles in a dark space, such as a cabinet.


Attract money into your life by opening up one of the bottles and dabbing some of the oil onto your thumb and forefinger. Touch your thumb and forefinger to your money before you spend it. The oil on your money is meant to act as a magnet and help bring even more money your way.


Use the money oil from your glass bottles whenever you need to attract money.

Items you will need

  • Green candle

  • Knife or toothpick

  • Vegetable oil

  • Powdered basil

  • Candle holder

  • Matches

  • Mineral oil

  • Clear, empty quart container

  • Seven lodestones

  • Iron fillings

  • Two or three small, dark glass bottles

  • Cabinet

  • Money


  • Give thanks when money does come your way after performing a spell.

    Obtain your mineral oil from a drug store and your candle, basil and lodestones from a new-age or metaphysical store.