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Highest SAT Scores

by Neil Kokemuller, Demand Media

    The SAT, or Scholastic Aptitude Test, is one of two prominent standardized entrance exams used by colleges to make admissions decisions. The test includes three sections -- math, writing and critical reading. The maximum score in each section is 800 and the highest total score is 2400, as of May 2013.

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    In 2013, the average SAT score is 1,500, with and a "good" score being 2,150, according to the College Test Prep of Charlotte. Elite colleges often have high SAT admissions requirements to maintain strong credibility for their school and degree programs. An April 2013 "Business Insider" article indicates the California Institute of Technology had the highest average student SAT score at 2,300. Harvard, Yale and Princeton tied with average student scores of 2,255.

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