If you go to an ATM expecting to take out a large cash withdrawal, you might be surprised to find you can withdraw only $400 or $500 at a time. The bank put this policy in place to keep the machines from running out of cash. Tellers inside the bank have no legal limitations on how much cash they can dispense. But here's the rub: Some banks may limit your withdrawals to less than $10,000 unless you give advance notice. So depending on the size of your cash withdrawal, you may have to wait from one to seven days.

Talk to Your Teller

Banks have different policies and restrictions on cash withdrawals. If you periodically need to make large cash withdrawals, find out your bank's policy ahead of time. Also, if you just deposited a check, you may have to wait a few days before you can access the funds. Typically, the bank puts a hold on some checks when they get around the $5,000 mark. A hold means you can't access the money until the bank verifies that the deposit is legit.