Flowers are a traditional part of a funeral service in many cultures. Often, flowers are left at the graveside to show respect for the deceased. Which flowers are used and what eventually happens to the flowers depends on the preferences of the family and the cemetery's rules.

Cultural Considerations

Consider the cultural beliefs and preferences of the family if you are planning to place flowers at the graveside. The family may have very specific desires or beliefs regarding the use of flowers. For example, Buddhists generally do not accept flowers at funerals, according to Phillip's 1-800-Florals, and Mormons do not use flowers arranged in the shape of a cross.

Cemetery Rules

Most cemeteries have rules governing the use of flowers at gravesides, according to the University of Florida IFAS Extension. Some require the use of artificial flowers during the winter so that they aren't killed by frost. Others only allow holiday flowers, such as Christmas wreaths, during a specific time -- usually December into early January. Some cemeteries require that you use their containers for fresh flowers, and most have rules stating that they will remove dead flowers or unauthorized decorations at their discretion. Check with the cemetery before choosing flowers for a grave.