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The GPA Needed to Get Into Massachusetts Institute of Technology

by Susan Revermann, Demand Media Google

    No single test score or grade point average will guarantee you admittance to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT looks at many factors when reviewing student applications. For example, your grade point average will be considered, along with the courses you have previously taken and the scores you received on your SAT, ACT and/or TOEFL exams. The required essays and other pertinent information supplied in your application packet will also be considered in the admissions process.

    Grade Recommendations

    MIT doesn’t have a set grade point average requirement for applicants. However, admittance to this institution is very competitive. Most admitted applicants have a GPA of 3.5 of higher, usually with high scores in mathematics and science courses. You must have your high school transcripts sent to the MIT admissions office for evaluation as part of your application.

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