Good Minors for a Psychology Major

by Art Corvelay


The beauty of higher education is that you have the ability to choose your own course of study. If you've already determined that you want to major in psychology, you might want to supplement your education with a minor. Because of the nature of psychology, several minors are appropriate for psychology majors.

Life Sciences

Life sciences include any field of science that involves the study of any living organism. One particular field within life science that may be appropriate for a psychology major is biology. Because psychology is a field that focuses on the study of human behavior, learning about the physical aspects of the human brain may be a good supplement. Furthermore, minoring in a life science can reinforce the importance of the scientific method and experimental design, both of which are extremely important to those interested in majoring in psychology.

History, Political Science

Although seemingly unrelated to psychology, both history and political science can be good minors for psychology majors, particularly if you are interested in forensic psychology or law-related psychology. Having a strong background in history and political science can be extremely beneficial in gaining admission into a graduate psychology program.


If you want to practice psychology, you'll have to go to graduate school. In graduate school, you must be proficient in academic writing. Therefore, minoring in English, or a related field like technical communication, can be greatly beneficial in honing your writing and communication skills. In order to be successful in psychology, you must be able to clearly communicate in many realms, from communicating to your clients to communicating the results of a research study.

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