How to Cite a Video in APA Format

by Tara Stabile, Demand Media

According to the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association or APA, it is important for writers to cite sources that are used when writing essays, to avoid plagiarism. Citing sources lets readers know where the writer found the information to support his or her thoughts. It is also necessary for writers to cite videos. By citing sources, writers demonstrate integrity and give credit to authors who contributed to their work.

In-Text Citations

To include an APA in-text citation for a video, insert the name of the motion picture in italics, followed by an opening parenthesis, the last name of the video producer, a space, an ampersand, a space, the director's last name, a comma, a space, the year the video was produced and a closing parenthesis. The in-text citation for a video appears as: Name of Movie (in italics) (Producer Last Name & Director Last Name, Year) For example: "After watching Fargo (in italics) (Bevin & Coen, 1996), it was determined…."

Reference Page

The basic APA reference page entry for a video appears as: Producer Last Name, First Initial. (Producer), & Director Last Name, First Initial. (Director). (Year). Title of movie (in italics) [Format]. Country where the movie was produced: Name of Studio. For example: Bevin, T. (Producer), & Coen, J. (Director). (1996). Fargo (in italics) [DVD]. USA: PolyGram Film Entertainment.

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