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How to Cite Power Point Slides in APA Style

by Forest Time, Demand Media

    When writing a term paper, it is very important to cite all your sources, Though it may seem like a small thing, using a source but not acknowledging it could lead to charges of plagiarism. This is especially true of material that may not have seen wide circulation, such as a PowerPoint presentation. You can easily avoid this danger by following the clear citation guidelines laid out by the American Psychological Association (APA).

    Step 1

    List the author of the presentation in the following format: Smith, K.

    Step 2

    List the given title of the presentation in italics. Only capitalize the first letter of the title, and the first letter of any proper nouns. For example: Why the United States needs to reduce its debt

    Step 3

    List the medium of your source in brackets and follow it with a period. This information should appear as follows: [PowerPoint slides].

    Step 4

    List the web address of the site from which you retrieved the PowerPoint slides. This should appear in the following format: Retrieved from

    Step 5

    Double-check to make sure that your completed citation appears in the following format: Smith, K. Why the United States needs to reduce its debt [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from Don't forget to italicize the title.

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