Your credit report reflects your complete credit history and contains all of the information used to determine your credit score. Closed credit card accounts can have a negative impact on your score, especially if you aren’t the one that closed them. Whether or not you can reactivate a card depends on factors such as why it became inactive and the policies of the credit card company.

Inactive Accounts

Your credit card can become inactive for different reasons. If your lender closed the account due to a history of late or missed payments, it’s very unlikely that the credit card company will let you reactivate the card. If other factors are involved, you might be able to revive the account, if the credit card issuer is willing. However, don’t be surprised if they tell you to apply for a new card.

Reactivating Your Card

If you had an account in good standing and you paid it off and then didn’t use it for a few months, it’s likely that the credit card company closed the account due to inactivity. You may be able to get the company to reactivate the account, but they’ll only do so if there’s a benefit to them, such as an improved portfolio. You also might be able to get them to reactivate your card if you closed an account with a positive credit history because you became engaged or got married. The best way to find out is to contact the company and ask.